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The Living Literature Society
Actress Rebecca Vaughan in
Austen’s Women at Chawton
Thackeray vs. Dickens
DJ Taylor & Dickens
Hawksley in dispute
The Hon Henry Lytton
Cobbold descendant of
E Bulwar Lytton
entertains LLS guests
at Knebworth House
Karin Fernald plays
Virginia Woolf in the
kitchen at Charleston
Roger Llewellyn plays
The Death and Life of..
Sherlock Holmes
Olivia Hallinan (aka Flora
Thompson) reads
Larkrise to Candleford
Olivia joins the group as
historian Martin Greenwood
describes Flora's former
home in Oxfordshire
Signing the register in the
little church where she and
brother Edmund used to pray
Caught in the cobwebs.
Miss Haversham's Ghosts
with Trish Knight-Webb
Members try out
Benjamin Franklin's armonica
at his former London home
Drinking a toast to
Sigmund Freud at his
former Hampstead home
Historian Ann Hollingworth
points out fascinating
Freud memorabilia
Actor Robin Pierson is
the many faces of John
Betjeman at Highgate,
his former school
Joss Van Tyler portrays
Byron at his writing desk
Mystery solved over
dinner at the
Sherlock Holmes Hotel
Linda Shannon plays
legendary letter-writer and
celebrity Jane Carlyle at her
former Chelsea home
Dr. Johnson's House
Curator Stephanie describes
a painting during an
introduction to a
Gala Evening
Actress Karin Fernald
as Hester Thrale in
My Friend Dr. Johnson
A stunning interpretation of
Kipling at Batemans, the
writer's beloved former home
Rodmell E. Susses.
Virginia and Leonard Woolf
lived here
Actor Michael David
as Oscar Wilde