What the Press says and Testimonials

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"Living Literature tends to draw professionals, people who love the arts. There are tons to choose from - enthusiastic professionals who've grown up reading Dickens (and probably eating canapés too). It is fantastic, a real treat a joy to sit in Dickens own room warmed by good wine."

- Time Out

The Living Literature Society

"You find some amazing topics, actors and venues. I’m learning such a lot by attending your events, I enjoyed seeing the film ‘Bright Star’ even more, having been to Keats’ House with your group."

- J Flindt, Pinner

"I think that what you do is brilliant. The Old Hall here is hardly ever seen by people beyond the School, and that is such a pity. Your enterprise meant that the Graham Greene experience could be enjoyed by many."

- David Pearce, former housemaster at Berkhamsted School (where Greene was a pupil)

"What you do has enriched my cultural life immensely as well as offering welcome camaraderie."

- Rebecca Hall, S.London

"The Lark Rise to Candleford event was superbly organised – the places and the people we met on the way were fascinating. I will now re- read Flora Thompson’s book and will enjoy it all the more. Martin Greenwood was an excellent guide – so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and meeting actress Olivia Hallinan (Flora in the TV series) who was also seeing it for the first time."

- Daphne George, Newbury, Berks

"Thank you for such a memorable evening last Thursday. I had seen and heard Shirley Williams many times on TV and radio, but as her dinner companion I was able to experience for myself her brilliant wit, amazing warmth and sense of fun. It was a great honour."

- Dr Robin Wormell, London S

"Congratulations on a splendid Christmas event based around a stunning performance of Miss Haversham’s Ghosts at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. I look forward to others."

- Diana Scott, London SW

"Everyone I meet seems to really value the evenings you put together, and I think you have really got something special."

- Frances Carroll, London E

"I thought Three Men in a Boat was beautifully performed in this delightful and tranquil setting directly on the banks of the River Thames."

- Sue Stephens, Surrey

"Your endeavours are really so innovative and gratifying in these modern times."

- Marty Goldman, US

"The John Betjemen event was nothing less than brilliant, and I am delighted that Elizabeth brought your endeavours to my attention."

- John Goodyear, Oldenberg, Germany

"Rebecca Vaughan gave a passionate and varied performance which tested my knowledge of Austen’s Women to the limit and beyond, but was engrossing throughout. The dinner afterwards was brilliant to the point where we were quite reluctant to leave! A most enjoyable and memorable evening."

- Alex Youel, London SW

"Rebecca Vaughan’s one-woman play was most impressive, and we felt privileged to see it in Jane Austen’s House: a very special memory."

- Lorna Patterson

"A super evening last night at Chawton. Rebecca’s performance of Austen’s Women was a tour-de-force and all the more moving because of the setting in Jane Austen’s house."

- Diane Coyne, Hertford

"The Knebworth House visit was wonderful. I could have listened to the Hon Henry Lytton-Cobbold talk all day on the subject of his ancestor Edward Bulwer-Lytton. He was so interesting and gave generously of his time."

- Jane Edwards, Ruislip

"Just to say how much we enjoyed the George Orwell event yesterday. Dan Pinnock was very interesting leading our group round the village and set the tone for the evening with the biographer Gordon Bowker whose talk was superb. His mastery of his subject and the weaving of Orwell's life and work together was extremely skilful. It was an excellent day."

- Ken Silver, Ware, Herts.